I am an avid collector of DVDs! Right now though you may be asking what is a DVD? Good question. DVD, or Digital Versatile Disc, is the newest format for releasing movies to the public. It uses MPEG (Moving Pictures Experts Group) 2. This is a video compression system that can have exceptional quality while still fitting on something the size of a standard CD-ROM. For more information about DVDs, you'll have to look elsewhere. Sorry Charlie!

IMDb   The Internet Movie Database

This is IMDb. It's an excellent and FREE online resource for movie and/or TV-related information.


This is Netflix. It's a cool online, DVD rental club. Flat monthly rates, no due dates, and a large collection of titles. They have a free 14 day trial, so give it a whirl to see if it's right for you.

For a listing of the titles that I currently own, click here.

For a listing of the titles that I plan to buy, click here.

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