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I am an avid collector of MP3s! Right now though you may be asking what is an MP3? Good question. MP3 is another name for a MPEG (Moving Pictures Experts Group) 1, Audio Layer 3. This is a sound compression system that can create near CD-quality sound while maintaining a small file size. For more information about MP3s, you'll have to look elsewhere. Sorry Charlie!

Nullsoft's Winamp

This is Winamp. It's an excellent and FREE program for playing MP3s.

For a listing of my albums, click here.

For a listing of my requests, click here.

For a listing of my songs, click here.

If you would like to setup a trade, e-mail at the address below.

To create your own list, here's a quick and easy way to make one:
    1. Open a DOS command prompt
    2. Switch to your MP3 directory
    3. Type dir *.mp? /on /b /s > Songs.txt
        => The /on sorts the files alphabetically.
        => The /b does bare format so you just get the filename.
        => The /s includes subdirectories.
        => Songs.txt is the file where the output will be redirected.
Congratulations! The file Songs.txt now contains a list of all your MP3s!

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