CPSC-102: Computing and Algorithms II

Programming Assignment 3

Summer 1998

In this programming assignment, you will demonstrate your knowledge of dynamic data structures (in particular, linked lists) by revising the video database program from Programming Assignment 1 to incorporate a dynamic data structure.

New Internal Requirements

For this assignment, you should replace your Database class with another implementation which uses linked lists to organize lists of videos. You should maintain the database as two separate linked lists of videos: one for videos currently in stock, and one for videos which have been checked out.

You may use any form of linked list which you desire; simple, doubly-linked, dummy head nodes, etc.. You may declare additional classes as desired in order to manage the linked lists. Since linked lists are unbounded in size, the previous restriction on the number of videos in the database is hereby revoked.

You should maintain each of your linked lists of videos in sorted order, sorted in ascending order by title.

New Functional Requirements

Your program will be an extension of Programming Assignment 1, and thus should operate in the same manner as that assignment, unless otherwise specified herein. In particular, this means that any errors present in your submissions for Programming Assignment 1 should be fixed for this assignment.

The following new requirements should be implemented as well:

Submitting Your Program

Before 11:59:59 p.m., Thursday, 20 August 1998 (7th Thursday), you must email a single file to jhuggins@kettering.edu containing all source code files for your program, including a file named Prog3.java containing a main method.

In addition, you must deliver to the instructor a printout of your program files at the start of class on Friday, 21 August 1998 (7th Friday).


  1. Plan for the future! If your submission for Programming Assignment 1 was well designed, the number of changes to classes outside of the Database class should be minimal. In Programming Assignment 4, you will be asked to replace the Database class with an implementation of a different dynamic data structure; again, changes outside of the Database class should be minimal. Design your program with this in mind.

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last updated: 30 July 1998