Computer Science 202
Systems Programming Concepts Using C
Lab 8 - Scrambled Mail
Winter 1998


In this lab you are to write a program that will e-mail a scrambled message to a specified user.


The input to this program will be supplied on the command line. The first argument, after the name of the executable file, will be the name of the un-scrambled, file that is to be e-mailed. The second argument is the number of scrambling passes that are be be made. The last argument is the e-mail address of the recipient of your e-mail. For example, the input may look like the following:

mailScramble input.dat 3

A suggested outline of the steps to solve this problem are listed below:

  1. Generate a temporary file name to be used as the output file for the scrambling.
  2. Scramble the input file using the program from lab5. DO NOT write the code from lab5
    into this program, simply call that program from this lab.
  3. Use the mpack UNIX utility to send the scrambled file.
  4. Remove the temporary file.

In Class Assignment

Before leaving lab you must demonstrate to the instructor that your code successfully reads in the command line arguments and generates a unique temporary file name.

Extra Credit

Suggest something to me.


The following must be delivered to your instructor via text-only e-mail no later than midnight of 10th Monday.
  1. Source code for your program.
In addition, you must deliver to the instructor by the beginning of class on 10th Tuesday the following:
  1. A printed copy of your source code.


  1. You may work in teams of two on this assignment. All team members must be identified to the instructor in writing no later than 9th Wednesday.
  2. Be careful to whom you address your e-mail!!!!!!!