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Hi! My name is Bryan Alexander Bridges (a.k.a. Alex, Al, BAB, Waldo, Taco Bell, Taco, Bell, TB, The Bug Hunter, Hunter, Hunt-B, Paris, Uncle Alex, B-Man, B-Diddy, B, Professor, Skippy, BABs Bunny, Bunny Boy, B2, BB, Bry Bry, Husband, Hubby, Dada, Daddy, Dad). I'm married, 44 years old, a Christian, and grew up on a small island called Grosse Ile. It's located on the Detroit River between Canada and Michigan, about a half hour south of Detroit. I'm employed at the Software group of Phoenix Contact in Ann Arbor where I'm a software engineer.

I have a B.S. in computer science from Kettering University in Flint. Kettering is different than most colleges. There one goes to school for 3 months (12 weeks), then works for 3 months, and alternates like that for 5 years. My co-op was Think & Do Software, Inc. in Ann Arbor. I graduated in December 2001.

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